The important things

If the most important things in life were easy, would they in fact be the most important things?

I have spent countless hours playing the piano, often struggling, not infrequently hating that struggle, but in the end, I have had some of the very happiest moments of my life sitting alone in an empty concert hall, simply playing and losing myself in that joy.

This, I believe, is a truth of all that we hold dear and meaningful in life. We cannot take it for granted, but must work, and appreciate that work, and glow in the joy that we make for ourselves.

Personal growth

I lie beneath

A pool of rippling


& gemostone-glittering-empty words


And sometimes see

The distant, shifting surface

As it casts mother-of-pearl shadows on my

Half-closed eyes.


(When did I get so deep?)


Occasional brilliant bursts of

Laser-light strike me —

Rouse me from my daze.

Instinctively I kick & fight

For fear of drowning


But peace, though fake, envelopes

The drowning man

& it is strong and safe

And the candle-flame is weak.


I did not ask to hide myself,

But fear and muffled will prevailed.

Nor did I know I’d lost myself,

Until —

The suffocating weight of water

Forced my enfeebled lungs

To expel the stale

Breath they had held

Far too long.


I choked on reality.


And now neither drowning,

Nor suffocation are the option.

Rather, it is time

To break the Surface,

And be Free

To breathe at will, and finally —

To grow.