On the common

So still; I sit and watch the Empty pond.

“Is an empty pond a Pond?”

“A body without a soul a Person?”

The thoughts Swim, like frogs, in the pond that is not a Pond;

But constitute a shifting of attitude, or is it perspective?

“A pond is a Pond by name if nothing else.”

Not acceptable — do not overemphasize a name

— it must not be given such power,

  and Shakespeare would not approve.

The basin was a Pond when full, and empty,

  it is a pond.


I sit, and watch.

That is at least without debate.

  but petty, over-caffeinated, sleep-deprived thoughts race on.


The harsh dry-squeal-squeak of children’s screams

  distract and force a broader consideration.

“Over there a playground.”

“A designated place of play.”

“If you are a child.”


But I?

I sit and listen.